Montrose, PA Drivers: Start Your Engines

…And bring your car to Shawnee Boys Garage for auto repair services

Your car gives you the ultimate personal freedom. You can get from place to place on your own schedule. You might also need your car to get to work, pick up your kids, run errands and a whole lot more. But if your car is experiencing problems, you could lose that important freedom.

If you live in Montrose, PA, you can get the repair services your car needs by calling Shawnee Boys Garage. We perform a wide variety of auto repair services, from break repair to transmission rebuilding. We also offer towing services so your car won’t sustain further damage.

3 signs you need a reputable mechanic

  1. Shawnee Boys Garage for fast towing and repair services!
  2. Your car is making loud noises when you switch gears. This could point to a serious transmission problem. Don’t wait till the problem worsens to get the repairs you need.
  3. Your check engine light is on. When your check engine light is illuminated, you need to take your car in for service. If it’s flashing, you need to pull over immediately.

What else can Shawnee Boys Garage do for you?

Our lead mechanic has 24 years of experience in the car repair business. During that time, there’s not much he hasn’t seen. We have the experience necessary to offer a range of miscellaneous services, including:

Take your car to our auto repair shop at 320 Woodbourne Road to get started.

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